Call for Abstract


If you fit any conditions below, you can participate the meeting.

  • Members and training members of our Society
  • Those who engage in clinical activities such as medicine and psychology, and agree with keeping confidentiality
  • Graduate students studying such as medicine and psychology who agree with keeping confidentiality

Application Requirements

  1. We offer two presentation styles: Oral(in English and Japanese) and Poster(in English only).
  2. Category A :
    Presentation based on treatment or management in the area of adolescent psychiatry and psychology which includes academic or clinical opinion. It must include purpose, development and discussion.
    Category B :
    Research in the area of adolescent psychiatry and psychology using regular (empirical, observational, qualitative, and so on) methods of medicine and psychology. It must include purpose, method, result, and discussion.
  3. Please prepare the file of application in Microsoft Word format (*.doc or *.docx).
  4. The file of application contains:
    • 1) Application for Oral/Poster
    • 2) Title
    • 3) Presenter(s) (Please asterisk first author among the presenters)
    • 4) Affiliation(s)
    • 5) Summary (Within 800 characters in Japanese or 250 words in English excluding title, authors and affiliations)

    Even when you apply in Japanese, you need to add English version of the title, the presenter(s), and affiliation(s).

  5. When you apply for a presentation, you will be required to proceed following steps.
    To begin, please click on the button at the below entitled [ Online Abstract Submission Form ]
  6. Step-1
    Please fill out the form to create an account in order to go to next steps.
    After done it, you will receive your ID number by return e-mail soon and you can see your details in confirmation screen automatically .
    Once you have created and confirmed your account details, please submit your abstract.
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  7. The program committee will decide whether to adopt the applications and the order of the presentations.
  8. When your application is adopted, the summary will be printed in the Abstracts and the Meeting Records.
  9. Both oral presentations and posters are composed of 2 sections: 15 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussions.
  10. If you will use a projector for your oral presentation, please use Microsoft PowerPoint format (*.ppt or *.pptx). We offer Windows PC with Microsoft Office and projector for your presentation.
  11. Attachment space for your poster is 90cm×180cm, and for headline including title, your name(s) and affiliation(s) is 60cm×20cm.
  12. Submission period will be from December 1, 2017 to March 11, 2018.

If you have any questions about the Meeting, please contact with:

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ISAPP / JSAP Headquarter
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If you have any questions of application for JSAP, please contact with:

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